Discover how easy it can be to create a Peak Performance Workplace

Inspired Reality has developed a number of skills development training programs to enhance the ability of your people to perform at their best.

Our existing programs include the following:

  • Peak Performance Leadership
  • Essential Leadership Skills
  • Precision communication
  • Coaching and mentoring for leaders
  • Socially intelligent leadership

Note: Should one of our existing programs not fit your requirements we have access to some of the best program developers and trainers who can meet with you to tailor, design and deliver the training program which will produce the maximum impact for your business.

Participants will build their own personalised action plan to ensure they have a clear approach to integrate their learning when they return to the office.

All programs also include a follow up coaching session at a later date to assist with keeping participants accountable for their development and to provide an opportunity to debrief any challenges and discuss alternative strategies.

Peak Performance Leadership

(1 DAY)

Aligning motivation for peak performance

The core objective of the program is to help participants understand how their intrinsic motivators influence their language and behavior in the workplace and correspondingly their performance.

This program is ideal for developing individuals, enhancing team performance, re-engaging a team which has been working together for some time, linking new teams in times of organisational transition or simply for increasing individual employee engagement and motivation in the workplace.

Essential Leadership Skills for New Managers

(2 DAYS)

Setting your new leaders up with the skills to ‘win’ in their new roles

This two day comprehensive and interactive training event is ideal for new managers or those identified as future leaders.

The program teaches participants fundamentals of leadership theory as well as skills development essential to successful leadership.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Qualities and behaviours of outstanding leaders
  • Different leadership styles/models
  • How a leader’s behaviour influences others
  • The importance of motivation in the workplace
  • The common leadership failings and how to avoid them
  • Managing work priorities
  • Effective delegation and decision making

Precision Communication

(1+ DAY)

Decoding language for improved business relationships and performance

This training program places a strong focus on relationships building and influencing skills.

Communication impacts every aspect of business. From the quality of client communications, relationship management and profitability. A global study conducted in 2009 found that companies of 100 employees could be losing more than $500,000.00 per annum directly attributable to communication challenges.

This training program will teach participants the unconscious drivers of communication that trigger communication breakdowns. These drivers not only influence how we communicate but also our ability to hear and understand communication from others. Through this program participants will learn how to be more precise in their communication, improve their influencing skills and avoid costly communication errors.

Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

(2 DAYS)

Building the coaching capability of your leaders

This training is specifically designed to assist leaders to develop their coaching competencies so they effectively engage and motivate their team.

Delivered through a combination of content, interactive exercises and facilitated discussions at the end of the training participants will develop the foundational skills required to be an effective ‘Coach as Manager’. Participants learn the importance of the fundamental coaching skills of reflecting, listening, questioning and rapport building. This will assist them to manage situations of conflict, performance reviews and ongoing live time feedback. This program provides lots of opportunities for leaders to practice their skills before undertaking them on the job.

Socially Intelligent Leadership

The Essential Skillset for Business Success (1+ DAY)

Understanding how people work so you can work better with people

Emotional Intelligence is now established terminology within business circles. However research undertaken by Daniel Goleman, (the man who popularised the concept of Emotional Intelligence) has shown that the social intelligence competencies are the skills which are essential to business success.

This program considers why social intelligence has such a significant role in business success and assists participants to identify, develop and demonstrate the behaviours of a socially intelligent leader.