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Founder And Director Of Inspired Reality

Inspired Reality, is a human capital consultancy that assists organisations globally to improve business performance through optimising individual and team performance.

At Inspired Reality, we are passionate about supporting individuals and businesses to achieve success from a place of inspiration. When I established Inspired Reality I decided that if I was to take the leap and start my own consultancy I was only going to do what I loved – supporting individuals and businesses to become successful through uncovering their hidden potential.

I had observed in my corporate life that when I was passionate, committed and excited about the projects I was working on, I produced the best results.This concept is well documented by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's in his now famous book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

In establishing Inspired Reality my intention was to support individuals within organisations to develop and learn how to maintain peak levels of motivation so they too could not only contribute to the achievement of results that count, but feel engaged, and satisfied throughout the process.However, in spite of what may be perceived as a Pollyanna perspective I am a realist. I recognise, and regularly confront through our work, real challenges facing individuals and organisations that require considered and specialised approaches to successfully navigate the hurdles standing between the status quo and the desired performance outcome.

At Inspired Reality we are committed to excellence demonstrated through the delivery of our services and our personalised client service. We understand that each client is different so we have brought together a highly experienced team of coaches, trainers and consultants to provide you with the best professional to meet your organisations' needs.

Through our highly specialised services we leverage our experience and knowledge to benefit you. We also have a passion for learning, and through our commitment to ongoing professional development we enjoy being able to continually improve the standard of service we deliver to our clients.

Over the last 7 years we have had the privilege of working with incredible leaders and teams across the country to support them to become better at what they do. We have observed a great deal of tenacity, courage and determination from leaders and their teams demonstrated through their commitment to improving their capability and potential. We are grateful to our clients for entrusting us to assist them and would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your company too.

If you think (or have heard) that our company could be the right consultancy to assist you, don’t hesitate to contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

Inspired Reality, is a human capital consultancy that assists organisations globally to improve business performance through optimising individual and team performance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Belinda Cohen

Our Values

Client Appreciation

  • being responsive to our client’s needs
  • to deliver value to our
  • clients doing what is best for our clients


  • developing innovative approaches
  • viewing challenges as opportunities
  • being willingto look at alternatives


  • working with each other to achieve the best results
  • building sustainable working relationships with our clients
  • connecting our community with our clients’ community to the benefit of all


  • adhering with the company’s and relevant industry ethics
  • modeling ethical behaviour
  • consistency in actions and words


  • doing what we love and do well
  • connecting our clients to their passions to increase their success
  • developing new opportunities for ourselves and our clients to become even more successful


  • exceeding our own standards
  • modeling excellence by giving our best at all times
  • continuous and never ending improvement in everything we do


  • compassion, empathy and sensitivity for all people
  • leveraging diversity to the benefit of all
  • treating others with dignity


  • reliable and sincere
  • straight forward and direct
  • looking out for the best interests of others


  • using our skills to benefit as many people as possible
  • to our clients and the community
  • to our clients and each other through ongoing learning