Executive and Group Coaching

You are driving along and you change lanes – sure there are no cars to your side… then you hear a ‘Beeep’? In spite of your best efforts checking, there was a car there, and now the driver is angry at you!

How did you miss it?
They were in your blind spot.

Blind spots exist in our perception of our own abilities and skills as well as on the road. There are areas where a person may be performing to a satisfactory or even a high level, but if they want to stretch their capabilities and achieve the next level, small specific nuanced changes are required.

A coach is someone that supports their clients to consider their situation from an objective standpoint and to identify their professional strengths and blindspots.

Coaching is a unique relationship like no other. A coach partners with their client to maximise their success by engaging them in a thought provoking questioning process.  This process helps the client to develop new insights and options that will assist the client to achieve their desired outcomes.

Coaching focuses on performance enhancement through assisting clients to access skills, opportunities and results that they have been unable to be achieve on their own. Through listening, reflecting and questioning a coach assists a client to elicit new perspectives, behaviours, strategies and solutions. A coach not only helps to fill the gaps but assists in identifying and building upon a client’s strengths so as to optimise performance.

Benefits of Coaching

Every coaching engagement is unique however broad benefits that can be expected to flow from undertaking a coaching program are:

  • Growth and enhancement of key strengths
  • Improved innovative and creative thinking
  • Development of clear vision, strategies and action plans for the future
  • Increased focus
  • Increased accountability resulting in more tangible results
  • Improved confidence levels
  • Skills development
  • Ability to identify and take action when key opportunities arise
  • Improved business outcomes

Coaching Services

At Inspired Reality we offer a range of coaching services to meet a variety of professional needs.

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  • Business development coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team effectiveness coaching

Business development coaching

Business development coaching clients participate in an upfront review of their business at the commencement of their coaching program.

Once this analysis has been completed the areas of priority focus are agreed. We can assist you with developing your business plan, and coach you to expand your marketing strategy.

In addition to working on the specific and measurable aspects of your business we can also review motivational factors for you as a business owner and other issues which may be impacting the performance of your team. Our group coaching services for businesses are highly valuable in terms of strengthening teamwork within your business and increasing productivity and performance.

If you are commencing a new business we can assist with this also, with a comprehensive program for new business owners to help them to build a solid foundation from which to grow their business.


Executive coaching

In the sporting arena, winners know that without the right coach, they won’t perform at their peak. Now corporate leaders are taking advantage of the benefits of coaching too, knowing that having a coach can help them to become a better business leader.

Whilst coaching can be used to enhance performance, poor performance is less likely to be the trigger for hiring an executive coach. Many of our clients are considered to have high potential and due to their ambition and their organisation’s commitment to growing their potential further, they hire a coach to assist them in making the small changes required to get the big results.

Executive coaching is not for those with their head in the sand. Whilst a coach will support the client, they will also be brutally honest about a client’s performance and then work constructively with you to implement continuing improvement. A competent executive coach will push you outside of your comfort zone and make sure you stay there, as it is in this space that the greatest gains are achieved.

The needs analysis process is comprehensive and we employ a variety of methods to ensure the coach is fully briefed on the client’s current performance.

Needs analysis may include:

  • Interviewing the client and their manager
  • Interviewing others in the client’s sphere of influence
  • Deploying a 360 feedback assessment
  • Observing the client in business meetings, interviews, or presentations
  • Self-assessments
  • Profiling tools

All of this information helps the coach to learn more about the client so they can work with the client and program sponsor to develop a coaching program that will target skills and generate results with impact.

Team effectiveness coaching

Teamwork is a fundamental requirement in any successful working environment. So what better way to fast track team effectiveness whilst enhancing skills development than through coaching.

At Inspired Reality we work with groups within your organisation to enhance performance. The coaching is customised and may involve the implementation of surveys and profiing questionnaires prior to commencement.  These tools help to provide additional insight into existing team dynamics affecting team productivity and cohesiveness.

The process of coaching of itself assists greatly in improving relationships between team members as they work together to analyse their interactions and environment and develop solutions which will benefit them as individuals and as a team, whilst supporting the achievement of organisational goals.

How We Work?

All clients complete some form of needs analysis prior to commencement of their coaching. Preparatory work undertaken varies depending on the purpose for which coaching is sought.

Clear targets and benchmarks are developed with the client which form the framework for the coaching engagement and serve as a benchmark for the success of the program.

Coaching sessions are run for 60 minutes and can be conducted face to face, or over the phone.

In between sessions clients have access to unlimited laser coaching by email or phone as needed. This gives them the opportunity to check in for extra support between sessions and move through challenges before the next session. These types of issues are generally resolved with only 5 minutes on the phone.

Clients are also encouraged to share successes between sessions as this is an important part of acknowledging the changes being made and reinforcing a mindset of success.

All sessions are conducted in a space free of judgment and focusing upon supporting the client to achieve their desired outcomes in a manner that works for them. All sessions are of course confidential.

All our coaches are members of professional bodies, many are accredited or credentialed coaches and all operate in accordance with the Inspired Reality Code of Conduct.

Coaching Packages

Business growth packages

It can be challenging to run your own business, especially if you are in the growth phase. There is so much to get done, and a limit on the time and resources available to do it in. We offer customised coaching packages to support you in growing your business.

Having someone there to support you and act as a ‘sounding board’ could be just what you need to fast track your business growth. You can also avoid costly mistakes that many business owners make in growing their businesses.

All of our coaches are return on investment focused so as to make sure your investment in coaching pays off in real profit leaps in your business. Not only that, they will help you move through challenges quicker allowing you to keep your attention on the profit centres in your business.

We offer a variety of coaching packages, based on your particular needs. Our typical engagement is 12 sessions completed over a 12 month period.

Executive coaching packages

The modern executive who has the edge in business typically has a coach or mentor behind them. This is because in the fast shifting commercial world with new challenges, technological advancements, and strategy innovations, executives need someone to help them get clear on their priorities, strategies and actions.

This can quite literally be the difference between an average or high performing executive.

We offer a variety of coaching packages, based on the client’s needs. We offer 8, 10 and 12 session packages. Our typical engagement is 12 sessions completed over a 6 to 12 month period.